Red Skies in the Morning


For me, photography is all about aesthetics and passion, not about f/stops, etc., because a minute later, I might have chosen completely different settings. I dedicate this photograph to one of our friends who came out of major surgery last Friday. This particular friend loves the coast and this area in particular. I made this photograph early one morning the first time we were visiting him and his wife. We always get up really early and arrive during astronomical twilight so that we will be ready as the light unfolds. Once the sun rises, we head back for breakfast, but this morning, the sunrise was blocked by the clouds and gave us gorgeous effects. so naturally, we stayed. Early mornings in this location are always magical for us. The technical aspects? Get to your location early, or at the other end of the day, stay after the sun has set. Meanwhile, we wish our friend a total recovery


Very nice composition.

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Thank you, Stephen! It was for me, one of those cases in which just a few inches in any direction didn’t work. I try to make my shutter clicks count.

Beautiful composition, great colors and mood.
Worth to sacrifice a bit of sleep.

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Han, what a lovely compliment, and thank you. Yes, though sometimes tough, always worth it to sacrifice a bit of sleep!