Red Tailed Hawk Coming In

No, this is not a baited shot. This hawk was stalking a squirrel in one of our maple trees. They had a “standoff” with the hawk on various branches and the squirrel hanging to the trunk and moving around so the trunk was between it and the hawk. The hawk was so intent on the squirrel that it allowed my wife and I to photograph the action for almost an hour. While we have many images of the hawk just perching on a branch this one of it trying to swoop down to get the squirrel was the best shot. We were about 50 -60 feet away. Canon 7D2 with 100-400 at 400 Auto ISO (about 1600) and 1/2000 with f5.6. The hawk was not successful and gave up. Later that day it came to the back of our property and stalked either a nest or a critter but song birds chased it away.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

I love his pose and the story that goes with it. I am sure you and your wife had a wonderful time. Not sure that the squirrel did though! :grinning: