Red-tailed Hawk Portrait


Not a conventional profile, but I’m posting this mostly because of the eye. I’ve never seen this phenomenon before and I thought it was pretty cool. It looks like the iris seen almost edge on. I never realized they were so thin.

This is the same Red-tailed I posted perched on a post a while back. Taken in that same session.

Specific Feedback Requested:

No specific feedback that I can think of , but all comments are welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? No

Sony a6500, FE200-600 @ 600 mm, f/10, 1/400, iso 1250, manual exposure. Processed in LR and PS CC. This was pretty close in, but I still cropped it to 3122x2411. Taken at 10:22 on December 3rd.

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A really unique look at the eye. It is amazing they can see so well and relative to our eye their eye is so much smaller. I like the colors. Nailed the focus.

Whoa Dennis. This is an amazing perspective. Definitely have never seen this angle before. Thanks for sharing.

Love this Dennis! The eye is amazing! Great detail and lighting. Nice background too.

Hi Dennis, enjoyed your post, especially the clarity on the eye. I was wondering about the slight posterization on the BG. Can you comment on the cause of this effect regards your post editing as my photos posted to NPR has a much more posterization affect. I blame it on .jpeg file transfers or just large crops. I also think using 8 bits rather than 16bits and or RGB rather than sRGB has an effect.

Hi @johnwayne Wayne. I’ve been noticing a little posterization on some of my backgrounds lately, but can’t explain it as I haven’t changed my processing. I convert my RAW files to 16 bit TIFF for processing and keep them as 16 bit until I export them as jpg. I use the LR export function to do resizing and conversion to sRGB. My working space is 16 bit ProPhoto RGB.

Hi Dennis, I process closely to yours except my use of Topaz de-noise. I also have been using the automatic setting in Topaz de-noise for “sharpness”. I will not use the automatic mode for sharpness from now on and see if it helps with posterization or color banding. There seems to be some correlation with Cropping heavly and BG colors that do not have more defined boundaries. I’m , by far, no expert on this matter but continue to try and understand methods to mitigate this problem.

Hawks eyes are quite large and you are seeing just a fraction. Of the eye with the outline of the cornea. Their eyes are also directed forward so that they can view prey with binocular vision. This is important for depth perception and visual acuity. It is a nice view and I hope you were able to get a few shots with the head turned toward you. Well done…Jim