Reflected rockface

I might be suffering sever pareidolia here, but I keep seeing a face in the rock, especially in the reflection

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome

Technical Details

The rock face and what appears to be growing up and out of it, the reflection of it all, is fabulous. My biggest suggestion would be to crop to a different aspect ratio, I think 4:5 would work well (taking more from the bottom than the top - I think the whole darker section along the bottom could go). The reasons are two-fold. First, it would eliminate the blue peaking through upper and lower left as well as some of the distracting breaks along the upper edge of the frame. But more importantly it is that rock face that is so powerful and out of which everything else is arising and so I’d like to pull in on that a bit more. Great light and well seen.

Eduard, this is a nice scene that must be seen in the large version to fully appreciate it. The colors and sharpness are wonderful. I agree with @Kerry_Gordon that a crop from the bottom would enhance the overall feel of the image.

Well seen.

I agree with Kerry. The dark band at the bottom hurts your composition and therefore a crop removing it would help. You could also do a small clockwise rotation to have the waterline horizontal. It took me a while to see the head. It sort of looks like that of a bird.