Walking along the shore of Lake Fuschl in Austria on a day in late spring, we found these remains from the last season.

Comments and critique are welcome.


While I’m not ready for snow and ice yet, they would be a reprieve from the present heat wave. I really like the simplicity, lines, and pattern in this image. The reflection of the branches creates a wonderful pattern that is most artistic. You had an excellent eye in seeing this and did a great job in creating it. Terrific intimate landscape.

I love this Peter. How the reflection of the branch leads the viewer’s eyes to the texture of the submerged rocks is so intriguing. It made me stop to ponder for more than a minute. Excellent eye. Beautiful image.

It is a beautiful image. But it’s also a mentally intriguing image. Why aren’t all the leaves and branches being reflected? I’ve decided that it’s because the non reflected branches are not part of the tree in the water. They’re branches between the photographer and the water branches. It’s cool how you arranged these different groups to form a good composition.

Wow, this is wonderful! I love the way the background grades from reflective blue at the top down to clear water, where we can see the submerged rocks. The branches are wonderfully framed. If I had to nit pick, I might clone out the two leaf reflections closest to the LLC and the one closest to the ULC, but those are really minor. Terrific, indeed!