Reposting image

I downloaded an image and made changes to it, now i want to post it along with my comment in critique section.

In your reply box like this one, click the yellow upload arrow button or just drag and drop the image right into this box.

Does that make sense?

Hi Calvin :slight_smile:

Go to the topic you want to add the edited image to, then:

  • Highlight any text you might want to respond directly to (as shown in the screenshot below), then click on the “Quote” button that pops up just above the highlighted text (this will automatically add that selected text to your response to him or her) or, you can just click on the reply button if you don’t want to quote any of their comment.

  • Add an explanation of the edits you made to their image along with any other comments you want to add about the image.

  • Then click on the yellow square with the arrow in it (as shown at the top of the attached screenshot below) (the upload icon), then select the image you edited (from your computer) and the edited image will show up in the right side of the response window.

When you’re finished, just click on the Post Reply button and the edited image should show up in your response.

I hope this helps, Calvin.

Sorry Kris,
I submitted my over the top explanation before I saw your much simpler and most likely much easier to understand response :roll_eyes:

OK thanks, I will give this a try and let you know if it works for me.

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Hi Calvin,

I noticed that you were able to post your edited image the way you wanted to, so I’m happy to know that worked out for you. :slight_smile:

BTW, Welcome to NPN! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to share some of your own images whenever you’re ready!

Yes worked good. Thanks for your help.
There is one other question I have. I noticed when I post its showing both my name and user name at same time, is this normal or can I just have my name showing as Calvin Cloarec?

If you go into your user profile and into Preferences you can set it here -

Just click the pencil icon to edit.

To add on to what Kris said, you’ll want to remove your middle name, so your username will be Calvin_Cloarec, when your username and actual name match it only shows your name.

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Great was wondering how to stop the double name from displaying, eventually I will get things worked out.
Thanks for your help.