Resident Namesake

A ram Bighorn Sheep, calmly watching the photographer while standing on a ledge just below the terminus of Sullivan’s Knob Trail in Bighorn NWR, Montana, with the northern extension of the canyon 1000 feet below him.

Technical Details

EF 28-70mm @ 38mm; f/10 @ 1/160 sec, +0.33 EV, ISO 100

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Oh, I like this one Bob. Love the Sheep almost camouflaged in the scene. Very cool.

Thank you, David. It was a challenge to get his attention without causing him to run away. He must be highly habituated to humans in the refuge. The next challenge was to make him appear separate from the background. He has great camouflage. A few tweaks to the saturation and exposure of his pelage to increase his contrast with the rocks did the trick.

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