Responding to critiques with email link

I received comments on a photo I posted. I want to reply to them within my posting and refer to the commenters such that they receive an email announcing my response. I see comments in other poster’s photos that have little links in their comments referring to previous commenters. How do I do that?

Hi Ronald, you just need to type the @ symbol and then immediately start typing their username, for example @Ronald_Murphy, as you type it will show a list of users that match and you can select one. Let me know if that makes sense!

Thank you, @David_Kingham, that worked fine. Now another question: do people get an announcement as what the weekly challenge is? If so, I don’t, and how can I be included?

Ronald, to see the weekly challenges, if you go to that category, (Weekly Challenges), you will see a link near the top for a list of Past and Future Weekly Challenges. If you click on that a list comes up for each week with a title, and you can click on one that you might be interested in to get the description. Hope that helps.

Thank you, Shirley. I guess I was hoping for weekly email, so I wouldn’t forget to look. Memory-challenged.

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I have some ideas on how this could work Ronald, I’ll poke around and see if I can get this to work. Great idea!