Reverse Lighting on Valdez Harbor

Reverse Lighting on Valdez Harbor

(Gary Minish) #1

A panorama of the Valdez Small Boat Harbor, Valdez, Alaska with back-lighting from the South facing, snow covered mountains. This is typical on a sunny winter day in Valdez as the low noon sun hovers just barely above the mountains on the South side of the valley. It lights up the North mountains but leaves the town in the shadow of the South mountains. Most of the ambient light is the reflected light from the mountains! One thing to note in this pano is that the sky is not blue sky. It is a high level fog like haze. The sun was breaking through that haze on the South side to light up the mountain. Please view the large version to get a sense of presence!

This is 5 vertical photos stitched with AutopanoGiga. Sony a6300, 16mm, ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/800.

Here is a 100% crop out of the middle of the panorama to show the level of detail you get from stitching a panorama. Can you find the person shoveling the snow off their boat?

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(Alberto Patiño Douce) #2

Dark coat on the boat closest to the shore along the left row? The detail is indeed fantastic, and your stitching is flawless, as far as I can tell. You also convey the high-latitude winter light very well.

(Ian Wolfenden) #3

The large view really shows up the detail, Gary - very nice perspective. Think it might be a guy in white top over to the left and very close to the shore ( but these eyes aren’t what they used to be ! )