Rhino up close

F 6.3,1/1000, ISO 320

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Barbara, this is a lovely closeup of a Rhino. I think it probably would be considered wildlife. If you would like me to, I can move it to the Wildlife Showcase. Up to you.

Thank you, please go ahead and move it to the Wildlife showcase. I’m still so new on this website that I am still not sure how it all works.

No problem, Barbara. I’m just so glad that you are posting here. Now, what I didn’t think to mention, is that if you would like for other photographers here to provide critiques, then you would post them in the critique rather than showcase galleries. Since you had it in the showcase, I moved it to the Wildlife Showcase, but if you do want other to provide some helpful ideas to you about your photo, I can move it over to the Wildlife Critique. Sorry I didn’t even think to offer that. Looking forward to seeing more of you images.

Like the Rhino up close with some great details !