Rhododendron and Roots

Shortly after watching a few young children walk perilously close to the edge of a waterfall, their parents paying them little mind, we walked along the trail back toward the car. On the way, we encountered a bear just a few feet off the trail, slowly making its ascent up the hill toward our general direction. Not wanting to deal with yet another bear incident, we continued on our way. Doing what felt right, we warned every hiker coming our way about the bear, unsure where it currently was and not wanting to have anyone become surprised as they rounded a corner.

Luckily we heard no screams, and the bear was not following from behind us, so I felt quite safe to set up my camera for this composition, loving the dichotomy between the blooming rhododendrons and the rough roots below it.

Technical Details

Chamonix 45F-2 w. Nikkor-W 210mm f5.6
Ilford FP4+ rated at ISO 100


This is quite striking Cody. The framing you have carefully selected with the blooming rhododendrons and roots works so well in my mind.

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My I ask where this was taken?

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This was along a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The name of the trail appears to be slipping my mind at this moment.

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