Rialto Beach, Olympic NP

What technical feedback would you like if any? Did my production of this image work?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Overdone?

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Composite of 2 horizontal images - only had my 24-70mm lens, so unable to capture what I wanted with one shot. Canon 5Dsr, 24-70mm at 24mm, polarizer. f22, iso100, 0.7sec. Produced in Lightroom + some local contrast boost with Nik detail enhancer. Cloned out a jet contrail that had streaked across the whole sky!

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I like the low POV here along with the lovely textures in the water, Daniel. The clouds do a fantastic job of filling up the sky. I here you on the jet contrails as they suck. My only suggestion would be to clone out those limbs intruding along the right side of the frame where the rock formation interests. Nice peaceful mood here.

Very nice capture with the foam patterns close to mirroring the sky’s clouds. There is a reddish highlight in the surf on the right side that keeps catching my eye. Perhaps clone it out along with the branches Ed mentioned.

I’ll be up there next week and after seeing your image I may give Rialto a try instead of Ruby. I do plan to go to Second Beach.

Daniel, the flow lines in the surf and in the clouds work very well. I think your comp. looks good also with a nice balance between the sea stacks and convergence of the flow lines point. In the large view, there are a number of dust bunnies in the sky.

Excellent complimentary sweeping lines in the sky and surf Daniel. This looks good at the smaller size, but larger the horizon has a bump where the blend meets, and the diagonal of the blend is visible in the ocean. (Probably only an issue if you print.)

nice image @Daniel_Rappaport! i was wondering if you do have a little bit more of those foreground pebbles. i think they would make a nice framing element and in the moment they seem a bit cut off.

good call on spotting the blending artefacts, @John_Williams. you made me look closer! there’s a few dustbunnies in the sky. also there’s some blending artefacts in the sea (just at the bottom of the rock formations).