River Waves (Four Image Series)

Thought I’d share a short series of some work I’m very happy with, maybe I’m still in the honeymoon phase when I’m more excited about recent work than I ought to be, but these really are some of my favourite images I’ve created so far.

Tight crops of intense whitewater action from the shores of a significant river.

Shot between
iso 200-400
1/5", 1/10", 1/15"


These are really cool Michael. Love the textures and patterns. Also how each shot is unique - I think they would work well as a series of 4 on printed and hung on a wall :smile:

Michael, really nice…love the motion captured and the highlights.

Number 2 and 4 stand out for me, particularly 4.

@Eugene_Theron Thanks, I think they would work great like that too and I plan to do just that :slight_smile:
@Stephen_Stanton Thanks Stephen.
@Igor_Doncov Interesting, I think this series is as much a study of shutter speeds as it is textures and tone. #2 was at 1/10 and #4 at 1/15 of a second I think.

Very nicely done, to be printed in a series!

Lovely abstract movement and textures, Michael @Michael_McGee. Love what you’re doing with this series. They have a very painterly feel to them, which I find very appealing. :blush:

Thanks, was definitely going for a painterly feel!

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