RMNP Yesterday, 9/17

RMNP Yesterday, 9/17

(Jim Talaric) #1

Conditions at Bear Lake

(Richard Sandor) #2

Jim: very well captured color palette. I like seeing the same scene in the landscaper and portrait orientation. Richard

(Jim Talaric) #3

Thanks Richard. The only downside to the RMNP area is that there seems to be many pine trees the victims of Pine Beetles.

(Erik Stensland) #4

Just a follow-up to Jim’s post. Many of the trees are losing their vibrancy and we’ve had strong winds lately as well so even the grove pictured above isn’t looking quite so good now. The Bierstadt Moraine is rather dull and most of the Peak to Peak highway is not looking great. Perhaps some of the trees in the lower meadows will give us a show in the next couple of weeks.

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