Road to Nowhere

I have been looking at this image for atleast four years now, and finally decided to make it a BW and post. Am posting this in “everything else” because the path between the tree line is a road. Stark bright light at 11 in the morning. When I converted this into a BW, this had a look and feel of a snow scape.
Appreciate your thoughts…
7D, 70 200 , ISO 200, 1/400, 6.3

Balan Vinod

Yeah, not sure where this should be posted, but I would think maybe Landscape, since human elements are in the images there. There’s a big discussion about Man and Nature somewhere…
I think the angle of the road off down there at the end bothers me. You’re right, it has the effect of snow, and that kind of high contrast image looks good with this kind of starkness. I can’t really tell of the trees are not vertical; it seems like they are tilted a bit, too.