Rocky Cape, Tasmania

I love rocks.
This beach, and the entire cape, contain evocative rock shapes and colours.
Taking the photo was awkward as I had to bend down in a strong wind while standing on wet, broken, very uneven rocks and shoot horizontally.
I normally use the viewfinder exclusively but in this case it was impossible, I had to rely on the LCD screen.

Technical Details

Composite: No, despite appearance.
Camera: Fujifilm X-T30
Exposure: 1/300 @ F10
Lens XF18-55mm F2.8-4 LM OIS
Processed using Adobe DNG converter, Lightroom and minimal photoshop

It’s interesting, but I can’t make out what the yellow wedge is. Also the three shapes in the pointed wedge of rock. Are they part of the formations or a lens issue? Hm…


I like to stay away from ‘what is it’ & ‘where is it’ and obvious scale as much as possible.
The yellow wedge is a round rock behind the dark rock.
The shapes in the wedge are starfish in sea water.
I do prefer enigmatic or less obvious images - so hopefully the user cannot just say’ Oh that is a …’ and move on.
Basically the image is made of shapes, what they are is to me not that important.
I am also keen to show that you do not need to go to Arizona or Torres del Paine to get interesting images, they can be right under your feet. Albeit Tasmania is a long way away for many people.
I have attached another example from under my feet in Hong Kong.

Oh now I see it. Very cool.