Rough-legged Hawk-Repost

This is same hawk as yesterday. This photo was taken about 10 minutes before yesterdays. The hawk was preening and cleaning, spotted something off to my left, popped up and flew off. I followed and got the second series. It must have seen a mouse because whatever it was eating was not big. Great eye sight.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything. I left the tall oof grass in as part of environment.
It is a fairly big crop already so did not go tighter.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
R5, 500mm + 2.0 ext., f/8, 1/800, ISO 1600, A 50% crop of a vertical crop from a horizontal shot.
I bumped up the features of the bird a bit this time.

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What a ruffled guy! I love watching big birds preen. The stump makes a nice change from branches. The grass…while I see what you mean about it being part of the environment, I find it a bit distracting. Also it looks a tad over exposed even considering that you had to for the snow to be white. Maybe go in and reduce the overall exposure and do a little concentrated brush work on the bird…toning down the stump would help focus on the bird as well. What a catch though!

Very nice catch with an interesting perch! I might darken the darks just a bit, or maybe the overall exposure. Is there just a bit more canvas on the left? It feels crowded there.

Hi David! I like this one better than the other one because the bird is facing you and is closer. You can see the snow coming down better as well. I like the oof grass in the front. I really like the stump that he’s on and the one in the background too. Great photo! Awesome capture!

This is excellent, David. Very good detail in the hawk and you have nice separation from the background. The perch is pretty huge, but I think it works well for this situation and gives a great sense of the habitat.

Terrific-looking hawk, David. Nice details and a good head cock. I like the stump perch - don’t get to see them like this often. Could use a tad more room on the left, if available? Very nice.

Fantastic image, but the OOF grass has to go. Crop the grass out as the base of the stump does not really add to the comp…Jim

This is really nice. I agree with Jim about removing the grass. You got a very nice facial expression.

I cropped much tighter. 16% of width and 37% of height. It will be interesting to see how quality stands up. I used a graduated filter to darken the stump.

And thanks for the comments.

Nice job on the repost, David. The crop held up fine for web presentation purposes. If focus is spot on, I’ve cropped down almost to the web pixel count in the past without a problem.