Rowena Loop

Rowena Dell scenic loop , just east of Hood River in the Columbia Gorge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any appreciated

Technical Details

14mm f2.8 @ 2.8
25 sec., iso3200

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Wow, I know this place well but have never been there at night. Awesome image Dan.

Really nice, Dan. I love the blurring of genres here: We typically see light trails in urban settings, so this works really well for me. Milky Way just puts the cherry on top.


Very cool image Dan! I love the concept here. Nice work on both the milky way, the light stream on the old highway and how your comp tied them together. Well done!

Hey Dan, what time of year was this taken? I’d be tempted to head out there to try this someday…

Thanks for the comments…
David, this was taken in August.
Now is about the perfect time. No moon, Milky way direct south.

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Cool concept, well done!

This is very nice Dan. I think what I like most, but is hidden in the image is the transitioning of the car lights from headlights to taillights, but the actual transition takes place right behind that larger tree. Also, I think this is the first time that I did not have a problem with the foreground illuminated since it did occur “naturally”, that is, it was not artificially illuminated by the photographer. It is a very cool photograph.