Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Shasta County, Ca
7D2, 500/F4+1.4, F8, 1/3200, ISO 800, tripod.
Thanks for any comments or suggestions, Dave

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Nice to see the crown and nice in general to get a good photo of these little guys…

David, that’s is a nice take on the little guy. I rarely have any luck with such small subjects. It’s good that you had the front view to show the crown and the slight angle to show the tiny beak. Considering the bird’s downward looking pose, if mine I’d probably favor adding some canvas at the bottom. Also, just a nitpick, there’s a bit of light to dark artifact line just under the perch on the left, an easy fix.

Excellent, Dave. These are so hard to catch-particularly with the crown showing. I do see the artifact under the perch, and the feather texture looks like it might be just a touch over done. Great pose. As for the crop, I think I agree with a touch more canvas on the bottom and maybe the same amount off the top.

Nice catch of a tough to get bird. Great to get the crown showing so well. May be a bit over sharpened as Dennis states.

Hi David,

Nice capture. The point of focus is oln the branch so the head is slightly softer than the flanks. Some selective sharpening around the eye is all that’s needed. Well done…Jim

Very nice color, light, and background. I agree with Dennis regarding the oversharp plumage. I am fine with the crop.