The branches of an oak tree are reflected in the moss-filled waters of Elm Lake. Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, TX.

Technical Details

Canon EOS R
1/20 Sec. @ f 13
120mm ISO 100


Nice image Todd. I’ve been to Brazos before. Lots of alligators there.

Very unique and interesting scene! I love the overlaying pattern of pond scum on the design of the tree reflection.

Oh, this is gorgeous. The interplay of reflections, submerged plants, and floating pond scum is intriguing.

Thank you. Yes, so many alligators. I did get a photo of a couple of them.

Thank you very much. Yes, the patterns are what caught my eye. It almost looked tike the leaves in the reflected branch.

Tank you. I did love the relation ship between the pond scum and the reflection.

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