The woods are the best places to shelter from everyday life

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Hi Antonio! This is a beautiful winter scene.

Nice image, Antonio. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful! The snow-plastered trees are so interesting and well-arranged in the frame.

I would be tempted to make those small leaning trees on the right edge less conspicuous.

A familiar sight for sure. The wind-blown snow sticks to everything. The other day we had snow and such a strong breeze that we had stripes of no-snow next to the trees that looked like shadows. It was kind of cool, but didn’t last long.

Thank you Steve most appreciated

Many thanks David for vist

Thanks a lot. I tried to include as little as possible on the right, but opting for another point of view there would have been an overlap of the trees with those in the background that I didn’t like very much.

Thanks a lot. You’re absolutely right. Snow brings a good mood, even if in this period I feel the need for spring colors

Apologies – I now see it is in Showcase, and didn’t realize that when I made my suggestion!

Gorgeous! Makes me want to be there - regardless of winter storm or not… :slight_smile:

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Antonio, your image makes me feel like standing in the middle of the scene, breathing the cold air. The snow on the barks makes for delicate details that I appreciate a lot.

thank you very mucj Lon :slight_smile:

Peter you are most gentle!