San Juans report 9/23

San Juans report 9/23

(David Kingham) #1

CR5 and CR7 are still very green, maybe 10% changed, the pictures are deceiving with the warm light. Telluride about the same, some patches further along. Silver Jack same with tons of green, some small patches changed. Owl creek pass has some very vibrant spots but still plenty of green. Most of the scrub oak has changed but is dull this year. Red mountain pass is still blazing with color. Everything is pretty much on schedule, maybe 3-5 days early in certain spots, but a lot of areas may even go late!

(Ken Henke) #2

I appreciate the report, David. I expect “just a few of us” will be converging on that part of the state later this week.

(David Kingham) #3

It’s going to be a madhouse this weekend! It’s already starting to pick up…

(Rick Louie) #4

Thanks, David. Looks like next week should be more color when I’m down there.

(Jerry Wones) #5

Thanks much for the update and photos. Looks like the next week could be excellent

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