Image from a small route on the north face of Mt. Olympus, Greece. This path initially runs along the small stream of ‘The Holly Daughter’… Folklore tells that a small girl was found drowned in it’s waters, giving it it’s name. The scene captures a small pond, a small oasis of peace and tranquility. I intend to revisit and observe how the same scene changes through seasons… and to be again in this surrounding. Got to love nature :slightly_smiling_face:

Single image, cropped and processed to taste with Lightroom

Hi Nikos,
I am somehow drawn to square format, it offers us a great variety of possible compositions I think. Especially a centered arrangement of the main subject may work very well this way, as it is the case in your image here in my opinion. There is a kind of tranquil symmetry that comes together with the dynamic placement of the rocks that keeps my attention. Just as with your last image here, you make me curious to explore this hidden place.

I am looking forward to see more of your work!


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Thank you for your interesting feedback Peter… Yeah, the square form allows me to focus on what I am really interested in, dissect the scene, and remove distractions… I consider it more challenging composition wise, but also potentially more powerful.