Sanguinaria canadensis L. (bloodroot)

Bloodroot is beginning to bloom in southwest PA. On warm days, pollinators take advantage of the fresh pollen.

Technical Details

Composite: No
The photo was taken in situ and following NatureFirst principles.

The background is a small lightbox housing a Nikon Speedlight. Two small speedlights provide the frontal light. All speedlights are in manual mode. Flash output is adjusted with a Vello wireless controller.

To avoid damage to the wildflowers’ immediate area, I select subjects next to well-worn trails. That way, I can lie prone to compose and focus.

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Hi Paul and welcome. Great first post. I’m enjoying the high key effect you created with your setup. The backlighting of the leaf is special and having the bug on the flower is a plus as well. Can’t wait for the wildflowers to start here. Please feel free to comment on other’s images.

Thank you, Patricia. It’s been a long winter, and I’m itching for more of the pre-vernal species to appear. The insect is purely serendipitous. I very much enjoy it when it happens. I’m pleased to find this community and look forward to stimulating discussions and warm greetings.