Scarlet tanagers

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Nikon D850
Sigma sport 150-600mm @600
1/1000 sec
ISO 6400
Exposure +.7
Topaz DeNoise AI

I have only had the D850 for one week, so I am still learning the many differences between it and my previous D7100.

These were taken on a very cloudy and rainy day in a fully shaded woods, the typical habitat of the scarlet tanagers. This was one of my first expeditions with my new camera body. I turned on the auto ISO with a 6400 max., so as to maintain the 1/1000 & f8 settings.

I had not planned on posting these to NPN, but when I did a search of the site to look for others efforts of scarlet tanagers, I found no previous postings of them, therefore I decided to offer my efforts of these pretty little birds.

As I strolled in the woods, I was in the midst of this little flock of 3 or 4 males, and several females for 30 minutes or so in a nature area a few miles from my home. I suspect they were engaging in some pre-courtship behavior. The males were generally following the path of the females through the woods.

My great passion, and main purpose for buying the D850 is bird flight pictures, but I love taking photos of all things natural, and I’m excited about the future with my new camera body.

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Very nice compositions, David. I’ve only seen these once on a brief stop when my wife and I went back to Michigan to visit family several years ago. The image of the female has the look of a pretty large crop or very high noise levels, but the male is very good.

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Yes. Very perceptive. The females were much more shy of me than the males. The female crop was twice that of the male’s image, but I wanted to show them both. Thank you.

Love seeing scarlet tanagers. The photo of the female looks good except for the large crop, as Dennis mentions. The image quality of the male is definitely improved. I like the perch and like that he’s making pretty good eye contact. While I also like the out of focus leaves, (for my personal taste) the tree trunk in the BG is a bit much. Also, the male looks a bit smooth. Did you run noise reduction on the bird? Looking forward to more. The D850 can deliver incredible results–congratulations on the new body!

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Thank you. Yes I did run it through noise reduction. As I mentioned it was a very cloudy rainy day, and I was shooting at ISO 6400. There was considerable noise. It was my first time out with it. Still learning the camera.

Both birds are nice and sharp with lots of detail showing. I especially like the nice soft woodsy environmental feel to the second photo. Good luck with the new camera.

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