I was always fascinated by the works of Munch, an expressionist artist with a strongly troubled soul and the freedom of expression in painting his paintings, he inspired and influenced my way of interpreting and seeing nature and photography.
With this photograph of mine I wanted to pay homage to the artist through my personal interpretation of the iconic work “L 'urlo”. In this trunk (also the work is of a dead and fallen tree (Munch was obsessed with death) I wanted to conceptually represent all the elements present in Edvard’s work, the scream of an asexual figure with his malaise in life brings the hand near the mouth, the distorted lines and the complementary colors (warm of the sunset and cold of the soul) Anguish, despair and bewilderment add up and become a single collective feeling: the malaise of all humanity.

Technical Details

Composite: No


Wonderful image, Antonio. I see the scream and feel the anguish and despair.

Thanks for sharing this fascinating photo, Antonio. I do appreciate your images and your interpretations.

Thank you David, I appreciated your comment

Thank you very much Linda, I appreciated