Seaside Goldenrod Acadia

It’s really nice to see the changes at NPN, and some new life being breathed into the Landscape forum !!!

This cluster of seaside goldenrod added a welcome splash of color on a very foggy day in Acadia National Park. I really enjoy photographing in foggy weather, and late summer along the Maine coast provides a lot of opportunity for those conditions. This image was taken on the Schoodic Peninsula, which is my favorite section of Acadia.



Really enjoying the juxtaposition of the colorful, bright and lovely flowers against the darker, more moody and foggy backdrop; kinda like a message that says finding a glimmer of hope in a world of gloom (although the background here isn’t really “gloomy.” Not sure if I made sense.

There just the right amount of sea mist and fog to allow the context, but then also allow the flowers and rock to take center stage. Excellent.


Great scene Ed. I like the close/far feeling here. Do you mind if I ask what camera/lens you used? I’m heading to Acadia in Fall of 2019 and debating on what lenses to take.

Thanks for the comments David. I used a Canon 5DmKIII body and the Canon 16-35mm f4 lens for this image. At Acadia, I’d recommend lenses that cover focal lengths between 16mm to at least 200mm, there are plenty of subjects that require this focal range.

If you are going to Acadia during the peak of fall foliage season, it will be crowded with both photographers and tourists. Shooting sunrise at Otter Cliffs, or the summit of Cadillac Mountain can be a real circus at that time of year. To avoid the heavy crowds, I’d recommend trying to do some shooting at the Schoodic Peninsula, or the Wonderland area on Mount Desert Island. Theses places are known to photographers but don’t attract the tourist hordes quite as much.

Thanks for the nice comment Lon. I get what you are saying, I’d call it the contrast between color and a “gray day”. I also liked the contrast between sharp and soft in this scene as well.