Sedge Warbler

What is the image about, what does it mean to you, and what motivated you to make it?

This Sedge Warbler caught some snack and was willing to pose for a split second before heading for what I guess was the offspring

Equipment information:

Nikon D500 with 500mm F4 lens

Camera settings:

1/1250s | f5 | ISO500 | underexposed 1/3EV | camera on monopod

What specific feedback would you like?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions, have a nice weekend all ! :grinning:

Beautiful color and depth of field, Hans, with excellent detail in the Sedge Warbler. To my eye, the bird could stand to be decentered a bit more. Maybe drop from the left to just before the in-focus grass stem with the blade that crosses the frame and pull the top down so it just clears that horizontal grass blade.

Lovely image.

Thanks Dennis for your suggestions, well-appreciated ! Cheers, Hans

There’s a lot to like here, but I agree with Dennis on the centered issue. I’d go a different direction and crop to a vertical. There are strong vertical lines in the composition, so take advantage of them. Pulling the bird off to the left a bit in a vertical would work well.

Thanks Keith, your suggestion makes sense as well; I’ll try for both options. Interesting how one can be locked in ones view. I though about why I chose what I chose, and I guess that the vegetation was - in retrospect - leading for me; as heaving already so many sedge warblers in brownish colored reed settings, this was fresh and green, and probably took my attention away from the bird. Fresh comments and suggestions are very helpful, so thanks again ! Cheers, Hans

I also agree that this is a little bit too centered. I agree with Keith that the vertical crop makes a lot of sense due to the orientation of the reeds that the bird is perched upon. I really like the color and the depth of field you used.

A beautiful look at this Warbler, Hans. Your signature soft look. Really nice detail in the warbler. I think the composition works pretty well. If you shift the bird left, that diagonal blade of grass on the left is going to be a problem, coming right out of the edge of the frame. Awesome job!!!

Thanks, David and Matt as well !