Seen in a Stream

I’m cleaning out old image files as I move to a new computer. This 2016 abstract look at fall colors reflected in a moving stream comes from the outer suburbs of Washington, DC. Moving water creates fascinating abstracts of reflections, the challenge is getting reasonably uniform sharpness/blur throughout the frame and isolating interesting areas.

7D2, 75-200 f2.8L @ 115mm, 1/50 s, f/10, iso 3200, tripod, standing in the stream

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Real nice shapes and colors and textures, making for a fine abstract. This is really good.

Beautiful, love this. Such a simple concept but challenging to come up with a good one throughout. Could look at this a long time.

Nice. It has the quality of crystal glass.

Awesome catch. Most would not even give something like this a second look. Love the color mix and the waves give it a very different txture. Love it

It’s so distinct and good, it looks almost like glass sculpture! Very well done, and that’s from a lifetime water lover.

I like the mix of blue and gold Mark. Nice flow and abstract patterns .

A beautifully abstract scene, I especially like the mixture of the elongated, linear water ripples with the circular structure in the foreground. Splendid alternation of warm and cold colors…

Love it! A great balance of colors and tones, movement and structure.