I think I am ready to hear your feedback about this image. I had the opportunity to photograph in Yosemite for a short weekend getaway in April this year. I was quite happy to just get away from the busyness of life but I also came back with some images that I liked (and still like).

I had in mind a B&W rendition of this image when shooting and when I looked at the file later, it already had the monochrome (blue) look to it anyway so I think the conversion was appropriate. Let me know if you think otherwise. In my mind, that clearing “peak” kinda looks like a warrior on top of a mountain overlooking the valley. Does the composition/placement of the elements work? As always, all feedbacks are appreciated!

D750, 300mm, f/6.3, 1/160



An ethereal and pleasing image Adhika. I think your composition is spot on. B&W works well.

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It’s nice to see a BW image of yours. I think your placement of the elements and composition works well. This image has a bit of an abstract quality to it that I find more appealing the longer I look at it. Your restraint on contrast and the dream like mood gives this image a lot of impact for me.

No suggestions, nice work!

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Really beautiful image, Adhika! I think black and white is perfect for really emphasizing the fog and the foreboding looking cliffs. Perfect composition!

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I agree. This looks very Wagnerian to me. One of those operas from the Ring of Niebelungen. It’s very dramatic. I like this one very much and would not change a thing. This has to be one of your best, if not the best, recent image. It’s like something out of a 19th century illustration. It’s also very heroic somehow.

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Now this is a really superb image Adhika, one of my all time favorites from you. It is just so mystical looking. I love the “warrior” it’s a big part of the appeal of this image for me. I also see it as a sea captain at the bow of his ship, guiding it through the fog. The processing looks perfect to me, as @Alan_Kreyger said, the understated contrast works really well here.

This is so good that I almost hate to make any suggestions. But I think I would prefer a very slight crop from the right, but just a sliver.

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Aw geez Adhika…this is great. I LOVE your management of the counterpoint of the bright cloud in the right aspect of the image while keeping the left dark. Very foreboding image, very expressive image - and powerful. Wouldn’t change a thing. Superb work.

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Thanks for the positive response, everyone: @Eva_McDermott , @Alan_Kreyger , @Vanessa_Hill , @Igor_Doncov , @Ed_McGuirk , @Jim_McGovern

I have not done much photography for a while now due to some changes at work (which are good in and of themselves). I have been working on some older B-roll shots like the rhododendron on the previous post, but there is a reason why they did not get picked the first time around :sweat_smile: I am glad to have made this trip and I am glad this one resonates well with you all.

Dang, this is so moody and mysterious, Adhika. I love the title as it fits the image you captured perfectly. This has such a primal mood to it with the swirling fog as it glides around that mysterious figure perched on the mountainside. Great eye to spot this magical scene!

WOW!!! I agree with all the comments above and have little to add except one more positive that stood out right from the thumbnail view: I absolutely love the feathered softness of the highlighted area in the UR. It adds to the magic of the whole image. SO well done!!!

@Ed_Lowe and @Diane_Miller: many thanks! Good condition plus luck are important ingredients! :smiley:

I really like this image, and it is perfect to render it B&W.

@Adhika_Lie , I was very late on this one. I saw this and also have an image with the same title. But it does not do justice to this wonderful scene at all. This is excellent and I wanted to congratulate you on the EP as well… :+1:

This is brilliant.
Love the general mood of the picture.
The composition works really well.

I don’t think this made it to EP.

@Igor_Doncov Are the EP’s not scrolling across the top anymore? If not shame on me as I thought that was where I saw this one…regardless, thanks for the info. Igor.

I’m really late to the party Adhika, but couldn’t let this one go without a comment. Wonderful feedback.

The image is outstanding, and in true Adhika style, the title is too.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to watch your photography grow from strength to strength.

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