Serviceberry in fog

This image was made in light drizzle in Great Smoky Mountains NP. A front was passing through with ensuing low cloud deck. Dogwoods were almost played out at lower elevations but sarvis (serviceberry) was beginning to bloom at higher reaches.

Technical Details

Composite: No
f:16 ISO 1000 1/200 sec handheld with Fuji GFX100s 100-200mm zoom at 117mm. I was working quickly and constantly changing settings due to changing light and composition, I wasn’t concerned about “lowest ISO possible” due to the sensor qualities of the camera. I did not want to unnecessarily test the limits of hand holdability on this session though prior experience has been having good results at 200mm and 1/40 sec.


Welcome to NPN, Nye!
This is an image full of expression to my eye. I especially enjoy the diverse layers of your composition, with the prominent tree at the left anchoring it firmly. The scrub at the bottom adds interesting textures for me, too. I also appreciate your careful treatment of the subdued colors. Thanks for sharing.

Apologies for the delayed response thank you for your kind words