"Shadowplay" Colorado Plateau, UT 2019



“Out On The Edge”

Cloud cover creates dappled light, illuminating separate sections of a canyon near my home. I have been here a lot, because of its close proximity, but was never able to create anything I really liked, until this day when there was actually some dynamic lighting happening.

It’s funny, when I first started shooting, I was always just focusing on sunrise and sunset light, never thinking photography was even possible during the day. Now I find myself shooting all day long on cloudy days, when there is light like this, and putting my camera away just to sit and enjoy the sunset, since it seems much more standard and less unique to me. There is just so much you can do with pieces of light moving all round the landscape, illuminating smaller sections individually. It gives you the opportunity to showcase different parts of the scene and draw the focus practically anywhere you want. It also feels more dramatic and mysterious to me, and I love capturing the drama and mystery of nature in my photos. Hope you enjoy it too!


Of all the Grand Canyon images we see the ones with clouds and dappled light always appeal the most to me. I like how you’ve used the light here. I also like your approach to that pine tree in Solace. Many have trouble separating them from the background texture (unless it’s snowy).

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These are really beautiful, Eric. I do love the dappled light.

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These are all lovely. That dappled light is dramatic and creates such a sense of depth.

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Beautiful light and scenes, Eric. Most enjoyable.

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A wonderful set of images Eric, the varied light in these scenes makes for very enjoyable images. I actually much prefer the mood the light creates in “Shadowplay” over the more traditional golden hour light in “Out on the Edge”. The sky in “Shadowplay” somehow seems nicer to me, and I’m not sure I can express why. Maybe the overall cooler mood ?

I recently experienced something similar shooting at noontime with the sun starting to come out in thinning fog along the seacoast. I was very happy with my mid-day images under those weather conditions.

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Eric, all of these are really sweet! These canyon scenes with dappled light are fascinating and offer so much for the viewer to explore.

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Really beautiful series.

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These speak to me on such a deeper level than some epic sunset with pink clouds, love it man!


I have seen and really enjoyed all these photos before, but did not realize they were all images of the same place! It’s fun to see them right next to each other and look for the same landmarks throughout them all and think about how you arranged them different in each image. A great study in focal length, light, and composition.

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I agree, Igor. Glad you enjoyed the images. You nailed it with that one, it was difficult to get that tree to separate without any direct light on it and shadows behind it. I actually did quite a bit of light painting and dodging with a warmer color on the tree in order to get it to stand out from the canyon in the background. It still doesn’t ‘pop’ as much as I’d like but I think it works, since it’s not the main subject of the scene anyways. Glad you think so too!

@Shirley_Freeman Thank you, Shirley! Glad you enjoy it like I do.

@Bonnie_Lampley Thank you! Happy that you feel the same.

@Harley_Goldman Thanks so much!

@Ed_McGuirk Thanks a lot, Ed! Glad to hear you feel the same. I enjoy “Shadowplay” more as well, since I usually am more captivated by intimate scenes and not so much the wider ones, but I felt they both merited to be shared. It’s nice to show different angles of the same place, even though I may connect with one more than the others. Glad to hear you had a good experience trying out photographing in different lighting!

@Alan_Kreyger Thanks for comment, Alan! Glad you like them.

@Tony_Siciliano Thanks, Tony! Take care.

@David_Kingham Thanks a lot, David! I agree, and glad you enjoy them.

@Brent_Clark That was my intention with sharing these 3 images together in this post, I figured some would appreciate seeing this canyon from 3 different perspectives/focal lengths, and maybe be inspired by it. There is always os much you can do from the same vantage point. Glad to see you enjoyed it, Brent! Take it easy buddy.

Eric, These 3 images are absolutely wonderful and a joy to view. I love the light in each one of these and it shows the amazing impact light has.