Shadows at the Tate Modern


What an interesting shot - great perspective and viewpoint!

Thanks, Dan. Like many, it was one of those fortuitous images. We’d gotten to the Tate Modern in London just in time to see a new exhibit but found we were in error and the place was closing in ten minutes. My wife went straight to the gift shop and I stood on the mezzanine being grumpy. The entrance to the Tate Modern is the generator floor of an old coal-fired power station, a huge room with tall windows at one end. When I stopped being grumpy and saw the amazing scene right in front of me, I knew I’d died and gone to heaven! This is just one of a couple dozen images I made in five minutes, none posed, all just people walking across this great, sun lite floor deciding whether to be themselves or their shadows!

Nice perspective, and this should have gotten you out of that grumpy mood! :wink: I really like the way the figures are edge lighted to make them stand out from the shadows. Well seen and well composed. These shots take patience for just the right moment!