Should I Repost a Few?

Should I Repost a Few?

(Marylynne Diggs) #1

Hi Folks,
I have been with NPN for a while, but for various reasons (not taking many pictures, not taking many I’m happy with) I have yet to post on the new site. -What’s the verdict on reposting a few of our personal favorites from the old site? Is that a photo sharing faux pas (long-timers will say, gee, I saw that 3 years ago)? Or is it a good idea (newer members will see that I do take pictures as well as critique theirs)?

Looking for some miss-manners guidance on this.

(Harley Goldman) #2

I say go for it. There are a lot of new folks here who haven’t seen anything from the old site and even if they have, it is nice to see images again. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

(Dennis Plank) #3

I agree, Marylynne. I’d love to see some of your old favorites here.

(Ed McGuirk) #4

I think it is a great idea to re-post your favorites, especially given how many new members NPN has added in the past 6 months. I’m sure you have re-processed them and made them even better anyways :grinning:

(David Kingham) #5

Agreed, we have a slew of new members that I’m sure would appreciate seeing them, go for it!

(Preston Birdwell) #6

Agreed. I have posted some older favorites from my archive that haven’t been seen by new members.

(Lon Overacker) #7


Ditto to all the comments - go for it. For one thing that maybe hasn’t been mentioned, there are many new members that haven’t seen any of the work from the previous incarnation of NPN, so why not provide some fresh inspiration?

I for one wouldn’t mind seeing your work posted again… :smile:


(Chris Mitchell) #8

Go for it, as a new member I’d love to see some older work.

(Ed Lowe) #9

Nothing wrong with seeing some old favorites, Marylynne. I say go for it.

(Marylynne Diggs) #10

Thanks, everyone. I have started with my least common subjects: macro flora, avian, and wildlife. Then I will move on to landscape, where I expect to linger and add new images throughout the year.