Should moderators and contributors be eligible for weekly picks?

We’ve been having an internal discussion on whether moderators and contributors images should be eligible for the weekly picks. Currently the moderators make the weekly picks and we have the final say. In the future we will have guest editors who are the contributors, these will be big name photographers who will make the picks for certain categories each month.

There are some arguments of conflicts of interest which may upset some members, which I can understand. But, this isn’t a contest with prizes, etc. it’s just some recognition. Rather than guessing how everyone would feel about this, let’s hear from you!

  • Everyone should be eligible
  • Moderators should not be eligible
  • Contributors should not be eligible
  • Moderators and Contributors should not be eligible

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Whomever makes the picks should not be eligible. If mods don’t make the picks, then they should be.

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I agree with Lon. Whomever makes the picks that particular week should not be eligible that week. Otherwise there will be people that get upset because it’s “not fair”.

I’m bumping this up since we don’t have a large sampling yet.

I am with Lon and Tom. Whomever makes the pics should not be eligible.

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I agree the moderators should not be eligible as long as they make the picks. The moderator is for most posters a trusted source (or should be), someone whose critiques carry thought and weight. That won’t work as long as they are also in the competition.

As long as no one is voting fort themselves there’s no conflict in my mind. :partying_face: