Silver Fox Kit

I enjoyed photographing the colorful red fox kits in the San Juan Islands with a client last spring. The kits were pretty mature already, so they were at the point where they had not left the general area of their dens, but were brave enough to wander around a fair distance independently. We saw foxes sporting orange, black and gray fur. Later I learned that there are dozens of official color variations in foxes. This is considered to be “Silver.”

Canon 1DXII
Canon 600mm + 1.4x
ISO 400


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Beautiful shot. With the exception of one black, I’ve only ever seen the red variety.

We have all three color phases (Red, cross and silver) on Kodiak, sometimes right in our yard. You nailed this one. I’ve always loved the way the eyes glow against the black fur. The cross color version more resembles a gray fox, but not all the way. Lots of variability in the cross in particular. Interesting enough there are even regional differences around Kodiak, but I don’t know if you’d go so far as calling them races. But on the south end of the island the “red” foxes are so pale to be blonde or approaching white. Neat critters, but you sure don’t want them coming into your yard if you have unschooled cats… Foxes are very effective at feeding themselves.

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Wonderful shot, Max.

Love this, Max. The grass sets off the black coat nicely. Some great light too. I have been meaning to get over the San Juans to photograph these beauties.

Gorgeous shot, Max. Nice low POV and the cute subject contrasts well with the soft background colour.

Very nice Max. No nits from me…………………….Jim