Slopes of Canary #1

Canary Hot Springs is one of the most actively changing areas in the Mammoth Hot Springs complex. Last spring this slope went totally white in early June. Now, it’s got lots of color and water filled terraces, looking the best I’ve seen in 6 - 7 years. Here it’s catching first light on a warmish morning so there’s only modest amounts of steam/mist. Rather than focusing exclusively on the terraces, which is what I’ve done previously, I thought I’d try to include some of the background.

(5D3, 100-400 IS II @ 100 mm, 1/50 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod and polarizer, which even under this early light lets the colors show a bit better)

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I really like the composition. It makes me feel like I am standing in the hot springs and looking our over the mountains. Great light.

Mark, I’m glad that chose to make a this a grand landscape rather than zoom in for an abstract of just the terraces, I think it tells a better story about Yellowstone. I like the darker exposure in the mountains, it really makes the terraces pop. It must be amazing to watch these thermal features evolve over time, you are fortunate to be able to do that.

Mark, I like the way you composed with the the Hot Springs receiving some beautiful light against the darker backdrop of the mountains. The diagonals of the terrace and BG ridgelines work beautifully together. Really nicely done.