Slot canyon textures

Trying to convey the contrasts … Sharp and smooth, light and dark, flow and static, of this small scene in Little Wildhorse Canyon.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

A little Orton effect in 3 places.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I want it to seem jangly but still composed.
Suggestions please.

Oooh, very cool! The way it grades from the rounded bits at the bottom to the jagged edges at the top is really interesting. Jangly, to me, would need more contrast. Jangly is sharp, almost annoying. The tones are lovely, but quite gentle to my eye - not jangly. I took a crack at what I feel jangly is - darker, more contrast between light and dark. The overall tones in this aren’t quite right, as I couldn’t make the jpeg behave. But it illustrates my thought. I tried to emphasize the change from the soft curves at the bottom to the jagged edges at the top.

I do find the lines and shapes to be somewhat jangly, or perhaps dissonant.
Dissonant = “unsuitable or unusual in combination; clashing”

There is some clashing of elements within this composition. The sharpness of the dark rock in the LLC, the wedge of brightness in the top center, the sharpness around the edges, and the relative softness in the center. These things do clash. Yet there is some structure here too, parallel diagonal lines, and areas of light and dark. So to me this is “jangly but still composed”. IMO the structure that is here comes more from light and shadow than it does from lines and shapes. The shapes create the jangly.

In the bottom half of the image, I could see adding some more contrast, and decreasing the luminosity of the midtones.

It took me a bit to warm up to this one, but the more I look, the more I like it. I can see the jangly part, as the dark tones at the top fight the lighter ones below. But it has the overall affect of a sandstone waterfall, with the light tones providing the water. Very creative and well presented.

I like that @Bonnie_Lampley . I will work toward that

I’m having a hard time understanding what I’m seeing. I can’t tell what’s water and what’s rock and what rock is in front and what’s in back. Perhaps some find this confusion, this ambiguity, attractive.

@Igor_Doncov What is funny, is that I also have a hard time understanding what I’m seeing. The ambiguity is like clay, and I can model it in various ways.
@Bonnie_Lampley I pushed and pulled it a bit to increase the dissonance that @Ed_McGuirk cited, and you encouraged me to emphasize. Ed, I burned the lower areas, and the image does not run off the frame so much now.

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I think your rework is a significant improvement. I would suggest burning in the bright area that’s virtually in the center.

Yes that is too bright. Thank you @Igor_Doncov