Small Changes on the Site

Hello everyone,

First let me apologize for all the glitches yesterday and today. An update to the forum software caused several unexpected issues despite testing the upgrade first. We were forced to make some changes, some permanent, some will hopefully be temporary. Below are some changes that have been made, some because of the bugs, some for other reasons.

  1. Our new lightbox started causing issues for some users with images not loading and the download button disappearing. The solution for now was to disable the new lightbox, I hope this can be fixed in the future, but I’m not positive.
  2. There was an issue with the submission form and the create new topic buttons in each category. The solution for now was to disable the button in each category. The only way to post an image now is to use the Submit New… button in the header. I’m hoping this can be fixed very soon.
  3. This is unrelated to any problems, but instead usability. The Site Support chat has been disabled. You can still request support using the question mark icon in the header, but instead of going to the chat, it will open a form that will create a new topic in the Site Support category. The chat worked well, but it also notified all members when there was a new discussion in this chat, leading to a bad user experience.
  4. New chat channels - As an experiment to see how useful the chat channels are, I have added some new ones to encourage more discussions on specific topics. Everyone is automatically joined in these groups, if you don’t want to be in any of these groups, please visit this link and click the “leave” link next to each group. Please let me know if you have an idea for any new groups.

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David, you must have been up all night troubleshooting these glitches. It’s a lot of work trying to pinpoint where the problem lies. I am glad you are so dedicated and knowledgeable about these issues. Thank you for addressing the issues and also for creating the new chat channels.

Thanks Egidio, it’s been a day :laughing: Certainly not what I wanted to be working on, but glad we could work through these issues. :tada:

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Item #2 is fixed!

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