Smell The Summer

Smell The Summer

Hello everyone, I thought I post another image after years of absence.

Taken with my good old Nikon D4 and Nikon 500/4.

F/4 1/800s

greetings from the Netherlands

Edwin Kats!


Hi Edwin!
Welcome back ! Nice behavior and cool frame !
Looking forward to many more images from your camera.

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Welcome back, Edwin! I think I am a new addition since you last posted, as I have only been at NPN for a couple of years.

What a shot! Wow, I could see this on a calendar, wall, anywhere you want it. :+1::+1:

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Welcome back @Edwin, such a great image of a unique moment.

Thanks for sharing.

João Ferrão

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Hello Shirley, yes it it has been a couple of years since I’ve been here. My old posts have been removed because of the site update I think. Looks good here now and hopefully I find the time to participate more.


Edwin, Your old post are not totally “removed”, they are on the old NPN site, and the link to that is under the menu of About, and then click on Archive. As you will see, under the About it explains the change to this new site, but David Kingham was gracious to keep the old as an Archive. Looking forward to see more wonderful photos like this. Also noteworthy, when you would like other photographers to critique your images on this new site, you need to post them in the appropriate gallery. Showcase just allows us to see them and show our appreciate for the image, but not to critique it. I hope that helps.

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Love this shot, Edwin. Any insight as to what may have piqued the fox’s interest?


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Sweet shot and timing, Edwin. Canine’s sense of smell so much more acute than ours. Nature is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

Shirley’s right about your older posts still accessible on the new site under “archive” with a direct link to the original NPN 1. Although no longer active, you can bookmark it, which I find to be VERY handy. Welcome back!

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