Snow Monkey Heron


Probably most of you have seen images of (or even visited) the famous ‘Snow Monkeys’ that reside on Hokkaido (Japan) and can been seen while bathing in natural hot springs (if not, simply enter Snow Monkeys Japan in Google). Anyway, this Grey Heron for some reasons seemed to do the same. Difference: this is not a hot but cold water, and its a little man-made pool above a man-made waterfall in a city park. To me to looks like the Heron had higher expectations of the experience as well. But, it was the similarity with the monkeys that made me ‘click’.
Thanks for any comments, Cheers, Hans

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Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/800s | f4 | ISO 720 | overexposed 1 1/3 EV | handheld

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Excellent hot tub scene…

Hi Hans,

Heron hot-tubbing indeed. I think this heron knows to avoid a real hot tub so that it does not become a fishy version of chicken soup. A very unusual shot with sharp focus on the subject, Well done…Jim

Yes, reminded me instantly of the snow monkey’s too, except no steam. Very nice comp and light.

Excellent, Hans. Also very unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a heron submerge itself like this. Excellent detail.

Yes the heron looks a little disappointed with the whole experience. Well done with the back lighting. I like how some of the light passes thru the bill.

Thanks all! For it was also a first time seeing a heron doing this - I have a whole series, since it started bathing after this moment. It was collateral this whole shooting as I was there for something else :wink: … Cheers

Certainly a unique environment for a heron. I’ve never seen one do this either. Great job on the composition, color, detail, and depth of field.