Snowball Fight

As I was hiking around the forests near Boulder, CO during a beautiful winter day, I heard thumping sounds nearby and then saw an “avalanche” of snow crashing down the pine trees. I was fascinated by how the snow floated in the air dispersing in random order and interrupting the wonderful quietness of the forest.

I observed the light filtering through the snow and trees. There was no way to predict where these huge snowballs (as I call them) would occur but I knew I wanted to capture this wonderful display of nature. I quickly setup my Sony a1 with my 24-105 zoom lens and left it at around 50mm focal length. After many attempts at photographing these snowballs, I was finally able to photograph one with good framing around a group of ponderosa pine trees at 77mm. I had positioned myself so that the snow was backlit. I love how the drifting snow softens the background almost like fog.

Seeing the powdery snow falling in the forest made me smile. My imagination spins and I think that just maybe, the trees do have snowball fights when we are not looking.

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What a wonderful scene you have captured here, Alfredo. Your story really helps to bring out one’s imagination, especially when thinking about trees having snowball fights when our backs are turned. I love the quality of light and the detail in this scene that you managed to capture. It encapsulates, for me, everything you could want to see while wandering the woods on a snowy day.

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Many thanks Cody! Happy you enjoyed the image and description. I tend to have a vivid imagination. The conditions were just awesome that morning. Definitely a memorable hike among the trees.

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I was sure I had commented on this, Alfredo. I love the snowy hike in the woods and the feeling of refreshment, new, and of course cold…Thanks for the story too, it adds so much to the image.

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Thanks David! I’m glad you enjoyed the image and story.