Snowy Egret and Alligator - Danger Lurks

Amazing seeing this:
These birds are very alert to the alligators. Haven’t seen a bird caught yet, but not for lack of trying. Typical scene at Circle-B-Bar Reserve near Lakeland, Florida.

  • Equipment information.
  • Camera settings
  • Photographed at Circle-B-Bar Reserve near Lakeland, Florida.
  • Any feedback welcome, curious about possible ways to make the Egret and Alligator more prominent, if need be.

Hi Lanis
Thanks for pointing out the alligator. Nice nature shot. Maybe you could crop to 16/9 and the manually bring in the right side, this would line up the alligator with the egret. The only other thing would be to use a local brush on the egret to bring down the exposure.

The branches are distracting to me. Could they be toned down some and perhaps brighten the alligator?

I actually tried to bring out the gator and bird. I think they are probably just too far apart, especially with the gator only showing a small portion of the head.

A also toned down the branches quite a bit.

This shot probably just wasn’t meant to work. I’m sure I can get the gator and a bird closer together on another shot.

Thanks :grinning: