Snowy Egret on Solana Beach, CA

This is my first posting to the new NPN web site. The Snowy Egret was shot hand-held on Solana Beach, CA and cropped by 10%. I adjusted the shot in Lightroom 5…
File Size 21.5MB, Camera Model Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Shooting Date/Time 06/06/18 11:09:10
Shooting Mode Aperture-Priority AE, Av(Aperture Value) 8.0
Metering Mode Evaluative Metering, Exposure Compensation -2/3
ISO Speed 250, Lens TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD A011
Focal Length 400.0mm, Image Quality RAW.
Thank you for stopping by.

Hi Peter:

Welcome to the new NPN. In the Avian group, you can post in 1 of three places:
Avian Critique is where you post images for input
Avian Gallery is where you post “finished” images that you’re sharing, but not for critique
Avian Discussion is for Discussion of Avian topics (analogous to the old NPN Forum)

If you’d like this image in the Critique section, let me know and I can move it for you.

Hi Keith
This is what I am trying to get set up. In the old NPN, we just post a photograph and welcome all comment and at the same time the photo could be sent to my gallery. I would like to do the same thing here. Need help.

Then all you have to do is post the image in the Avian Critique. That is exactly analogous to the old NPN. I’ll move your image to the Avian Critique. The place you posted is a forum for discussion, not a place for image critique.

Excellent job on the white plumage with respect to exposure and detail. I like the action with the spread legs. Looks like it is walking on water.

Peter, I really like the low posture and long striding gait. Exposure and detail from here look really good. I agree that it does look like he’s walking on the water.

A really cool pose and excellent detail and exposure, Peter. The bird seems a bit centered to me. I think a crop from the bottom about half way to the feet would help and if you have any more canvas on the right, I’d add it. I don’t think LR handles content aware crops, so adding canvas might be difficult, but I believe a touch more on the right would really help.

I needed to look twice, before I noticed the front foot on the ground, it looked like it was mid-air. Nice shot ! Cheers, Hans

A great action shot, Peter. It looks like it is chasing down some prey. I like the small wave breaking in the background. You did a nice job with the exposure on the whites. The head appears just a tad bit soft. You do not mention what your shutter speed was, it may be a slight amount of motion blur. A very nice job!!!

Good job on the exposure. Love the midstride action pose. I like the composition as is.