Some things aren’t what they seem… added original unedited version…(for anyone who wants to see)

It was the fifth day of our backpacking trip, we had just made camp at the base of what was going to be the last leg of the journey! Tomorrow morning we’d have to rise early to start what would be a grueling, but rewarding climb on the bare cliffs to the summit of the sleeping volcano. The weather, at least for now, was in our favor. Sunny, cloudless skies, and no signs of a change in the weather…

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything…does this look like what I’m trying to depict? :slight_smile:

This is what it actually is….

Original unedited version….

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, 72mm, ISO 100, f/25, 1/80, converted to black and white, slight crop.

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A very intriguing image. Looks like a fairly small outcropping near the water with trees in the background and most importantly with Teddy Roosevelt photo-bombing it all.

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Rats! @Jim_Gavin are you referring to the bird graffiti?! I was hoping it would maybe look like snow patches! Haha! The ‘trees’ are actually clouds. And there is no water, interesting your take, though. Thanks for looking!

You had me going there – you should write pulp novels. But it’s quite an amazing image! The light beams are a double layer of chocolate icing!

BTW – watch out for those caliper brakes. I blew a front tire once and its rim caught under the brake. The bike stopped in about half an inch and I didn’t. I now have disc brakes.

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This is fantastic.
Very nice. It definitively improve my appreciation when realizing what it really was.

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Thanks, @Diane_Miller ! Yeah, I thought the way the light was hitting it, well when I was laying on the ground anyway and looking up, made it look dramatic! Like a huge mountain!
Thanks for the bike tip! I would imagine disc brakes last longer too!

Thank you @joaoquintela for looking! I’m glad you like my imaginary mountain!

This is very clever Vanessa. Great vision on your part to see the optical illusion potential of this. And light rays are usually never a bad thing to have either :grinning:

I really like how the top of the “volcano” is getting some nice rim light along that edge too. Well done…

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Thanks so much for looking @Ed_McGuirk ! I’m glad also that you noticed the light around the volcano and cliffs below it! It took a lot of maneuvering on the ground to get the lighting and the sun rays just right! Also to try and just have the sky behind it! Thanks!

That is rather amazing. I totally thought it was a mountain rather than a mole rock. Good one!

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Haha! Thanks @Harley_Goldman , glad you enjoyed it! I had fun pretending and making it, even though I’d much rather it really be an epic scene!

At least you didn’t have to worry about altitude sickness with this mountain. :laughing:

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I like your vision and artistic eye. I would have never seen or tried this. Very done. I like seeing images like this because it encourages me to push my self to see things in new ways.

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Yes, very clever! I was totally fooled!

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Thanks so much @Richard_Teller and @Mark_Muller for looking and your feedback! I’m glad you like it and that it inspires you, @Richard_Teller to look beyond the obvious! I’m glad it looks real enough, @Mark_Muller to fool the eye! :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha! @Ed_McGuirk I also didn’t have to worry about packing for a backpacking trip!

That’s pretty epic, both in the tease and what it actually is. I really like the idea, the device–if you will–where something outside up close looks a heck of a lot like something else entirely and you highlight it this way.

I especially enjoyed the way the light fell across the edited image. Was than an effect of making it black and white?

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Hey @ariella thanks for joining in! Appreciate your comments… no, those are sunbeams, a product of much maneuvering in the dirt and stones, and blinding myself! Every time I do a sun star/burst photo I always say, that’s the last time I’m doing that! But I always do it again, I’m kind of addicted! :slight_smile: :grinning: here is the original unedited version……

Lol, I’m guilty of chasing more than a few (photographic) sunbeams myself. :grinning:

I’m curious…What made you think of doing what you did with the image?

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Well @ariella , I don’t live in an epic mountain area, even though I wish I did…I had rode my bike to this place where I see vultures and other birds and sometimes elk. But there wasn’t anything too exciting going on. Then I just saw the way the sun was angled with an information sign and I thought I could make something with one of the parking rocks! That’s usually how my shooting goes, kind of just whatever moves me. I’m always looking for animals, but flowers, grass, trees , whatever will catch my eye. I’m overall a pretty laid back person but I love the outdoors and I think it makes me ADHD! I think I would drive some people crazy if they went shooting with me! :sweat_smile: