Splendid Isolation

The Lecht, Grampians, Scotland

The old abandoned lead mill at the Well of Lecht near Tomintoul is a favorite visit during the winter months when I always hope to find it in the situation you see here with a skinny dusting of powdery snow laying over the textured folds of heather and golden grass clad slopes such that the colour of both the aforementioned shows through. A little white snow covered path wriggles its way toward the lead mill providing a satisfying lead line and for a few seconds there is a bloom in the light levels such that a soft shadowless glow falls on the building softly illuminating it. However the real reason I like this particular image so much, is simply the apparent look of horrified shock on the face of the old mill as another blast of cold air buffets it.

Technical Details

Panoramic central crop from Pentax 67II and 300mm IED lens. f/11, 1/30 second, ISO50 Fuji Velvia.

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The crop works perfectly here. I also like how the curving and undulating lines of the hills make this seem like a ship tossing in a wild sea. I suppose it might have the same feeling of peril even while it stands stock still and faces those winds. Marvelous leading line as you say. The warmer tones of the grass contrasts nicely as does the opposing texture to the rocks. Maybe lift the midtones very slightly? Wow. I really need to get to Scotland and stay for like a year. It does look splendidly isolated - Warren Zevon fan perhaps?

I really like the solitude in this scene, Ian. Well done and well processed too.

Love the X composition you used here. Looks as though you went back to film.

Just occasionally it comes out to play. I just like the sound it makes when you release the shutter, it makes a great bird scarer even when you lock the mirror up.

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I like how the stark beauty of this landscape seems to swallow up the mill.

Oh how I wish camera companies would give us choices for how the shutter sounds. I still hit my OM1 and OM3 shutter buttons just to hear them. And then of course crank the advance lever.

Beautiful image Ian, your composition is expertly done, every element of the composition pulls the viewer inexorably to the building. I also love your use of color here, the stark blues fit perfectly with this utilitarian looking building. Very nice…