Spooky berries

On my favorite beach walk, I spotted this bunch of snowberry entangled in old mans beard lichen.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

How to crop? A lot of choices here. How much top? I like the downward hanging stuff coming into the main scene, but cropping tat out works fine. Similar choice on right side.

Dick: The square crop works much better for me as it fills the frame with the filamentous stuff and I think the berries play a much more prominent role. I don’t see much of interest in the upper third of the full frame. Well seen and presented. >=))>

Bill, I appreciate hearing your reasoning.
Thank you.

Hi Dick. I agree with Bill for the same reasons. An interesting image. I was trying to figure out what the white things were in the full frame image, whereas it was fairly obvious in the crop.

Count me in on the crop version. This has a real nice Halloween vibe to it and some fascinating detail. Well seen and executed.