Spouting Off

Sony A77
Sony DT 18-250 @ 22mm
ISO 400, 1/400 @ f8
White Dome Geyser, Firehole Lake Drive, Yellowstone NP
Spent an evening exploring the Firehole Lake Drive and the Great Prismatic Spring area with Phil Hodgkins and Mark Seaver in early June. Little did I suspect that it would be the last time I would see Phil. Got lucky and was able to see several eruptions of White Dome and thought this was one of the better frames. All comments welcome. >=))>

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill, definitely a very very interesting perspective. The sky is very dramatic and the mist from the geyser is beautifully rendered. I find the tree line very intriguing. The perspective makes the geyser looks big and I like that a lot.


Simply a wonderful capture. I just love the “silvery” tones; from the dome and spout to the dynamic clouds. Hard pressed to make any suggestions really. Great job with the colors and processing.

Can’t really call this a nit and so I’ll just call this, “it is what it is…” regarding the spout being a bit overshadowed by the glorious clouds behind. I’m just at a loss as to suggest what, if anything one could do about it. And to that point - not much. I wonder if b&w might give you the chance to separate the tones a little. Regardless, this is still a beautiful capture of an amazing spectacle and I’m enjoying it tremendously.


This is really good, Bill. You may be able to tweak some more contrast out of the foreground but otherwise, no suggestions here.

Funny, not having read Lon’s comment, I was also thinking along the lines of B&W, so I pulled it into PS and did a quickie conversion and a layer or two. I like it much better as presented.

Bill, while this is an enjoyable image as presented, this image is not really about colors, with all the greys in the clouds and landscape. So I think @Lon_Overacker idea to consider a B&W conversion to get more separation of tones, would add a lot more pop to this scene that just isn’t possible in a color image.

You really caught the peak of action though, the spray on the geyser looks great. And those low bright clouds look great, in B&W they would sing even more.

Exquisite tonality, Bill, and a most delicate range of hues. The comp is perfect, though the spring is just slightly lost against the clouds ( I guess perhaps inevitably ). The low horizon line yields a delightful play of clouds - really nice image !

Bill, it was a great evening, so sad about Phil. This view captures the mix of quiet and drama, which fits White Dome well. (It’s not a dramatic geyser.) I like all of the subtle blue and white tones. I also like the hints of light on the dome and the bright white layer of lower clouds.