Spring and Wood hyacinth's

Very early in the morning , just at sunrise I can go to this forest nearby. Then it’s very quiet with no corona risico.

What technical feedback would you like if any?As always all feedback is more then welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any?As always all feedback is more then welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Hi Ben,

As usual you’ve capture a nice mood here. The combination of soft light and the spring bloom makes for a nice scene.

I would emphasise the soft light more and raise the overall luminosity a but. I realise this is very much subjective. Below is an example of how I would emphasise the light.

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You have an eye for these types of woodland scenes and this one is no exception, Ben. I like the overall mood you captured here; looks like the beginning of a lovely spring day. I like the small tweak @Nathan_Klein made with the luminosity as it has elevated that lovely light on the carpet of wildflowers another notch. The last couple of months I try to seek out those areas with no people for exactly the same reasons as you. You can never be to safe with COVID 19 out there.

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Ben you do have a good eye for finding these woodland scenes and compositions, and you have the components here for a really nice image. I think @Nathan_Klein rework to emphasize the light elevates this image several notches, and adds a lot of vitality to the image. What Nathan did just made the light sing here, and makes the image much more inviting.

Well, this is absolutely lovely. The colors are wonderful, with the purple grading into gold. I do like Nathan’s edit to bring out the highlights just a touch more, but it works either way. Just depends on what mood you’re looking for. Your original has a feeling of anticipation.

@Nathan_Klein, @Ed_McGuirk, @Ed_Lowe, @Bonnie_Lampley, Thank you all for these comments and Nathan for the rework, which gave the image that extra. I made a rework myself with yours in mind. I also raised the luminosity but let the trees and the background as it was. I am curious what you all find of it now.

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Your last repost also works for me, Ben. Nicely done.

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Your rework strikes a nice balance between the original and Nathan’s suggestion. There is a bit more luminosity in the foreground flowers, but still that sense of anticipation because the light is subtle.

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