Spring Storms Over Austin

Recently Austin has had very intense storms. Two nights ago I was focusing on practicing my timelapses, but decided to pause and just shoot like I normally would. I am very glad I made that choice because this image turned out to be well worth it! The skies were evolving so rapidly it was like nothing I have ever experienced.

Technical Details

Composite: No


Wow that’s incredible. The power and the grandeur certainly puts the city in its place. Glad you stopped the time lapse for a second, too, although a TL of this storm would be jaw-dropping. I like how the buildings seem to be riding on the top of the trees. That little strip of humanity is so diminished by the sky.

I totally agree, unfortunately a tree was blowing in and out of frame and I didn’t realize until it was to late. We have some more storms coming through so I will definitely try the timelapse again :+1: